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Was Your Child Damage by Vaccines? - Congress Needs Your Story

From: FEAT <>

Monday, October 25, 1999

Congressman Dan Burton, who will be holding autism hearings in the spring, is asking anyone who has an autistic child who they feel became that way as the result of vaccine injury -- to send your story to Danielle Sarkine, Burton's daughter so that she can compile them. These stories will be presented to the hearings.  (Do not fax them to Burton's office).

Our stories are of utmost importance as they demonstrate that this is about vulnerable innocent children whose life promises have been stolen, and not just some academic debate about the proper testing of vaccines.  The public, the Congress need to hear of our children's suffering transformations and our own stunned heartbreak as our little one's personality started slipping away.

Write your story and tell how your child was
...before vaccination.  Did he/she talk at all?  Smile?  Play?
...What warnings of the risks of vaccines did you get by the provider?
...The type of vaccine administered.
...The date(s) of vaccination(s), long after the vaccinations until you noticed a difference in your child,
...What constitutional and behavioral changes did your child go through,
...the date of diagnosis, and what you were told about chances of recovery.
...What changes did all this cause to your family.

Provide your email address and daytime phone number in the event Congress Burton requires any follow-up.  Be aware that these will be public documents and whether or not you are comfortable "going public" with such intimate details about your family.

Send your story to Danielle at her email address:
(if you submit a story, please copy - thanks)

She will then immediately forward all the information to her father.

Your story can make a difference if you tell it now!

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April 5, 2008

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