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(Editor's note - this study was completed and a relationship was demonstrated between maternal vaccination and autism of the child - The results have been posted at

1. Autism: Is there a vaccine connection? Part I. Vaccination after delivery.
2. Autism: Is there a vaccine connection? Part II. Vaccination during pregnancy.

An Invitation to Participate in a Study Investigating One Potential Relationship Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism

From: Dawn Richardson, President
PROVE(Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)

I recently received a request for assistance from a very kind pediatrician who specializes in infectious diseases and is the grandfather of two autistic children. He is very confident the MMR vaccine can be a contributing factor for the development of autistic tendencies in some families, including his own, and is committed to gathering the preliminary data to help shine the spotlight on this national epidemic to ultimately support the parental right for informed consent for this and other vaccines. I've read some of his articles and we've spoken on the phone, and his knowledge and passionate commitment is impressive. SO PLEASE ASK EVERY MOTHER YOU KNOW, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT SHE HAS AN AUTISTIC CHILD, IF SHE HAS RECEIVED AN MMR BOOSTER AFTER 16 YEARS OLD. If she has, please invite her to participate. Below is a brief outline of his study and the aspects of the relationship he is investigating. At the very bottom of this note is a short confidential survey (you don't need to identify yourself if you don't want to) to be filled out by mothers who received booster MMR shots after 16. The surveys should be returned immediately to   or printed and mailed to:

F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP
Box 770
West Falmouth, MA 02574-0770


Is there a relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autistic Syndromes?

Dear Friends,

Two recent studies have shown that during this decade, there has been an alarming increase in the incidence of Autistic Syndromes in the United States.

Both studies have also suggested that this increase will accelerate in the coming years.

Because such "outbreak" is so recent, we have postulated that :

"Certain families seem to have a genetic predisposition to a fragile immune system. When a mother is repeatedly exposed to certain antigens or toxic environmental factors, she develops antibodies against them, which she transmits to her children. If the immature immune system of those children is attacked, early in life, by several simultaneous antigenic insults, violent complex immune reactions take place, which affect their whole body, and particularly their actively growing brain centers, leading to autism."

For the past few years, many parents of autistic children have reported a temporal relationship between the administration of the MMR vaccine to their children, and the onset of their symptoms.

To date, spokespersons for the CDC ( The Center for Disease Control and Prevention), pro-vaccine groups, and vaccine manufacturers, have all adamantly denied any such link. The many studies which they quote in support of their argument, including one just published this week, have been, in return, rejected by the parents' groups, because of flaws in design, unsupported conclusions, short follow-ups, and the fact that some are funded by vaccine manufacturers.

It is therefore obvious that, because of this polarization, and the present very peculiar set of circumstances, it remains impossible to prove or disprove, that the MMR vaccine contributes, or has contributed, to the increase in autistic disorders.

Prospective studies can not be done because of all the vaccine mandates. Retrospective case controlled studies have to include huge numbers of patients, and need a lot of time, effort and resources. Health and vaccine authorities have no interest in undertaking such extensive studies, which may lead to a causal relationship between MMR and Autism, a relationship they deny.

We are a team of independent investigators trained in pediatrics and infectious diseases.

We have two autistic grand children, and we are devoting our lives to find the cause of their illness.

We are not looking for, and we will not accept, any financial gain from this study, or from any other work we do, in the fight against autism.

We would like to investigate one unique aspect of the MMR controversy, never examined to date.

Some mothers, who have been immunized as youngsters, against Measles, Mumps and Rubella, either with single vaccines, or with the MMR, are found to have inadequate Rubella (German Measles ) titres when they are tested before they get married, or during a pregnancy. MMR vaccine is then usually administered to them, usually at an appropriate, and recommended time.

Sometimes, after that booster, some of these mothers still do not show immune titres of rubella antibodies, and another MMR is administered. We think that it is possible that some of these mothers have produced sky high titres of antibodies against Measles, which they subsequently have transferred to their children. ( Note that they could have already had adequate or high measles antibody titres, before the MMR booster or boosters.) Similarly, many women starting college, are required to receive an MMR booster, regardless of their immune status.

Distinguished investigators in the Unites States, have demonstrated extremely high measles antibody titres, in mothers of autistic children ( and in the affected children themselves ).

If we can identify a large number of mothers, who have received such MMR boosters, we can then look and see if they were more liable to have autistic children.

So, could you please help us.

To participate in this study you must have received for any reason, an MMR vaccine as a booster, after the age of 16.

We need a large number of participants to draw meaningful conclusions.

Please talk to your friends and identify all mothers who qualify.

Please send them the attached questionnaire, and ask them to participate.

Please return all forms to :

F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP
Box 770
West Falmouth, MA 02574-0770

or e-mail to



Please answer all questions accurately.

Mother :

A.. The Country or State you live in : ________________

B. The year(s) you received the MMR vaccine and/or booster(s) _______________

C. Do you have an autistic/PDD syndrome child? Yes ____ No ____ Born year____

D. Do you have more than one child with Autism? Yes*____ No ____ Born year (s)____

E. Have you ever had measles titres measured? Yes ____ Titres _________ No____

F. Have you ever had rubella titres measured? Yes ____ Titres _________ No ____

Autistic Child :

1. Year born : ____

2. Was he/she breast-fed : Yes ____ No ____ If yes, how long ____

3. First MMR Vaccine : Yes ____ Age ____months No ____

4. Second MMR Vaccine : Yes ____ Age ____ months No ____

5. Age of onset of autistic symptoms : ____ months

6. Do you believe MMR contributed to your child's Autism ? : Yes :____ No ____Don't know _____

7. What other factors do you believe contributed to your child's autism ? : Genetic :____Diet: ____Stress ____Medications ____ Vaccines ____ Environment ____ Genetic ____ Don't know ____ Other ____

*Please answer questions 1 to 7 for each affected child.

Unaffected child /children :

1. Age : ____ ____ ____ ____

2. MMR Vaccine : Yes ____ No____

Comments : __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Be assured that your information will be kept in strictest confidence.

Thank You. The TLAutStudy.

Address : P.O.Box 770 West Falmouth, MA 02574-0770     

e-mail : .

Additional comments :


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April 5, 2008

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