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Dallas KTVT Story

Opposition To Vaccine Registry

Friday, March 06,1998 - 06:57 PM ET

(KTVT) Every year 330 thousand children are born in Texas. Health experts say all of these children will need 10 different vaccines to prevent disease in their first five years of life.

At the present time though, only 73 percent of Texas children are immunized, leaving 27 percent of Texas children at risk. The Texas Health Department believes those numbers aren't good enough and they want to bring the number of children vaccinated up to 90 percent by the year 2000 through the creation of a statewide immunization registry.

"Vaccines are probably the second if not the first most cost effective thing that providers and medicine can do for children and families," Bob Crider the Immunization Director for the Texas Health Department said.

However, for parents like Alison Mullins the creation of this registry is not about vaccines, but an issue of privacy and protecting confidential medical information.

"The part about this bill that disturbs me the most is I feel like the privacy that is guaranteed me is trying to be encroached upon and that really disturbs me when I think it could have implications regarding my child and information about him," Mullins said.

Alison and other moms across the state are urging Texans who are concerned about privacy to write the health department.

"Any person who wants to get involved can get involved. We put all our information on a web site that can be accessed. They have until March 20th to send letters to the health department stating their objections," Mullins added.

Crider says they won't force anyone to give information but they think the registry is a good idea.

"I'm for kids and in terms of recall and reminders, helping parents, to know about those immunizations, that's really what this is about," Crider added.

The web site for P.R.O.V.E. can be found here.

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