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How to Remove Your Child from the Texas Immunization Registry

Even though the law requires TDH to obtain your consent to enter your child into ImmTrac, there are many children in the registry for whom TDH did not obtain consent.  Many children's names and contact information were illegally taken from their birth certificate to create an empty shell record for TDH to track down and harass later.

You may contact the TDH directly to check on the existence of a shell record or an actual immunization record. The final rules implementing the tracking system in section 100.6 (b)(2) grant the parent the right to request the department search the immunization registry for the possibility of an existing immunization history. You may call the department's toll free number, (800) 252-9152, or make the request in writing.

If you find your child included in the registry and do not want them included (even if you consented in the past), TDH is obligated BY LAW to remove your child's entire record from their database and by rule from all other existing databases at TDH (Section 100.4 (b)) after you submit a written request. TDH has forms to request withdrawal of your child's record, however, the law and the rules don't require you to use TDH's form (Section 100.4 (c)), so don't feel obligated to have to wait to receive one in the mail. All that is necessary is a statement saying something like:

"I request that my child's complete immunization history and identifying information be deleted from the statewide immunization tracking system and all other files at the Texas Department of Health. I never willingly or intentionally gave the legally required consent for you to include my child's records in the registry. Please notify me in writing when this has been completed."

Make sure you include your child's last name, first name, date of birth, gender, address, name of the parent or guardian, signature of the parent or guardian, and the date.

Mail requests to: Texas Department of Health, Immunization Registry, 1100 West 49th St. , Austin , TX 78756 .

If you have questions and don't feel like talking to someone on the phone, you may send e-mail questions on the existence of your child's identifying information being included in the registry  or removal requests to:

Make sure you follow up with your child's doctor and your insurance company requesting they check their records and remove any indication in your files that you gave consent, otherwise, they may continue to forward information. Let them know you sent a letter to TDH formally withdrawing your child from participation in the registry, and the law and the rules require them to see to it that your child's information is kept confidential.

For more information on the problems with this registry, please link to PROVE 's web site at and follow the link under Issues: The Texas Immunization Registry Controversy.

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April 5, 2008

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